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set menus can only be served if everyone at the table agrees to the same set menu
Dinner Wed-Sat 18h00-20h00
Lunch Sat 12h00-14h00

Introducing our exclusive Walk-In Delight menu! Designed to offer flexibility and cater to your individual preferences, this three-course culinary experience allows you to curate your own dining adventure from our extensive seven-course menu.

Lamb Surcharge - 12

Kindly be aware that our 3 Course Walk-In Delight is designed for walk-ins and cannot be reserved.

Introducing our dynamic 5 Course Expression Menu, where the artistry of culinary innovation meets the freshest and most captivating ingredients. Inspired by the ever-changing seasons and our dedication to showcasing the finest produce, each course in this extraordinary culinary journey tells a unique story.

Kindly be aware that our 5-Course Expression Menu is designed to evolve continually, continually, highlighting the spirit of culinary exploration. This dynamic ensures that no two visits are the same.